Dear South Florida neighbor, 

For years, working class Americans have been reading and hearing about the economic recovery without ever actually experiencing it. While some in our country have greatly benefited, others have been left behind. This is regrettably the case in South Florida. Fortunately, the passage of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act last year is pushing economic opportunity deeper into our society and to every corner of our country. 
Like most pieces of legislation, this bill was not perfect. Like with any other broad, complex bill, there were provisions I would have removed and others I would have added. However, on the balance, I believe this legislation is doing a tremendous amount of good for American families, small business owners and workers. Most importantly, it is getting us closer to fulfilling America's promise – that all who are willing to work hard and earn it can find their success in our country.
As the law continues to be implemented, I want to hear from you. Tell me how tax reform has affected your family or business. Tell me where you think it is succeeding or where you think it could be improved. Tell me if you’re seeing more or less in your paycheck, and if you’re expecting an increase or decrease in income. I look forward to hearing directly from you in South Florida, as it will help me better serve you in Congress. 

Carlos Curbelo
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