Dear Constituent,

Over the last several years, many Americans have learned that having an insurance policy is not the same as having access to quality healthcare. While the Affordable Care Act had positive reforms, including coverage for preexisting conditions and allowing children to remain on their parents’ plans longer, this law is now falling apart. My office has received many complaints over the last two years about our current healthcare system, and I have no doubt that all Americans - especially the most vulnerable - deserve better. Quite simply, the Affordable Care Act has broken its promise to lower costs and offer more and better choices to the American people.

I am committed to building a truly patient-centered healthcare system that lowers the costs of care, expands access to providers, puts consumers in control, and respects our doctors and healthcare professionals. I want to hear from you as we work together to craft a better healthcare law. It is my goal to ensure this reform will not be written by health insurance companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies or other special interests. Instead it will be written for American families who need and deserve quality healthcare.

So tell me your Affordable Care Act story. Tell me how it has hurt or helped your family and what you want to see stay or go in a new healthcare system as we move forward in fixing where the Affordable Care Act failed.  


Carlos Curbelo
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