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Our nation owes its military veterans a debt of gratitude for their service and sacrifices.  Each took an oath, lived by a code, and stood ready to offer themselves in defense of their country.  The lives we live today, and the freedoms we enjoy, have been preserved by their protection. Too many of these noble service members have paid, what President Lincoln called, “the last full measure of devotion to our nation.” Many more of these brave men and women now bare the physical and mental scars of battle which will endure throughout their lifetimes.

We must ensure that the government fulfills its commitments to our veterans and protects their interests just as they protected our country while in the line of duty. We can do this by guaranteeing veterans’ access to the finest healthcare available, while receiving the dignity and respect they rightfully deserve.  Equally as important are the families of veterans, who have sacrificed and also borne hardships from their deployments. They, too, deserve to receive all of the benefits and assistance which they have earned.

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