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The need for dedicated, long-term funding for transportation and infrastructure projects is vital to alleviating the congestion problems that plague South Florida. As a Member of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, I am working in a bipartisan manner to grow our nation’s economic potential by expanding the use of public transportation and restoring our aging roads and bridges. I introduced H.R. 3665, which authorizes the University Transportation Centers Program through Fiscal Year 2021. Over 125 universities across the country participate in the UTC program, conducting innovative research to revitalize our infrastructure. Florida International University (FIU) in our Congressional District is among these institutions and has played a prominent role in Accelerated Bridge Construction, ensuring that today’s research becomes tomorrow’s reality.

Another program I am proud to support is the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act, or WIFIA. This program would allow for critical investment in water infrastructure, including drinking water and wastewater systems, which are severely outdated. In Miami Dade County, the 14,000 miles of pipeline that carry water to over 2.3 million residents and visitors on a daily basis dates back over forty years. A bill I have introduced, H.R. 3756, the WIFIA Improvement Act, would allow for the full implementation of this program by allowing the use of tax-exempt bonds. Long-term funding for transportation and water infrastructure projects is critical for state and local governments to plan projects that will keep out communities safe. I will continue to be a strong advocate for strategic investment and long-term planning 

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