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As the son of Cuban exiles, I am proud of our nation’s rich ethnic diversity.  I know, from first-hand experience, the great and generous spirit of the American people and the opportunities our nation provides to all who are willing and able to work for it.  This spirit is what attracts so many immigrants to our nation, searching for a better life for themselves and their families. However, we have to maintain an orderly process to promote legal entry into our country. Doing so helps ensure public safety so that criminal aliens are denied entry and protects immigrants from exploitation or extortion from unscrupulous elements of society. 

There are approximately 4.4 million people who have filled out the proper documentation, paid their fees, and patiently waited for years to be granted access to America. Immigrants that have circumvented this legal process should not be granted equal or greater consideration than those that have honored the rules of our immigration system. Like many Americans, I am troubled with the Administration’s use of executive action on immigration and fully acknowledge the important Constitutional questions that have been raised.  It is my firm belief that Congress should tackle this issue through legislation focused on securing our borders, modernizing our visa system, and finding a permanent solution for undocumented families. 

Regarding Cuba, President Obama has ignored the realities and the ruthless and violent nature of the Castro regime. Unfortunately the President is putting American national security interests at risk and prolonging the suffering of the Cuban people living under the oppressive dictatorship. It is crucial to remember that the men in power of Cuba today are the same men who had nuclear missiles pointed at the United States in the Cold War. The Administration has afforded the Cuban dictatorship myriad unilateral concessions receiving little in return. America must once again take up the mantle of the protector of human rights and the promoter of democracy; however we cannot accomplish this as long as we confer legitimacy on military dictatorships. I will continue to work to restore our place as a leader on these issues.

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