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Florida’s 26th Congressional District is home to some of our country’s greatest natural treasures, including the Everglades and Biscayne National Parks and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Enjoying nature and the outdoors is at the center of our way of life and our local economy. 


Protecting these natural resources is critical, and the promotion of sensible environmental protections has been at the forefront of my work in Congress. I have been a steadfast leader in the discussion of viable solutions that mitigate the effects of climate change without threatening economic productivity and growth. 


While we have made great strides in protecting these ecosystems, we must acknowledge the direct threats posed by rising sea levels and the erosion of our coastal communities. A crucial step in the right direction is moving past the debate of whether or not climate change is real and towards solutions that will mitigate its detrimental effect on our communities. To seriously address water quality, clean air, sea level rise, renewable energy, and other important environmental issues, I co-founded the first-ever bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus in the history of Congress. 


I also introduced first-of-its-kind legislation to cut carbon emissions, exceeding the goals of both the Clean Power Plan and the Paris Accords. I have worked to ensure the federal government’s support for efforts to update sewer and water treatment systems in Monroe County and to increase freshwater flows into Florida Bay. Simultaneously, I’ve supported critical efforts to restore our coral reefs that play such an essential part of our South Florida economy.


We must remain committed to finding common-sense solutions to protect resources like the Everglades and reduce our carbon footprint. Water quality is also critical to South Florida and specifically, to the Florida Keys.


I am dedicated to being a positive voice on the issues of climate change and clean energy solutions in Congress, even when I have to break with my party to do so. Our environment is too important to ignore and we must leave future generations a healthy planet.

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