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South Florida’s Highway Transportation Priorities


Traffic and congestion has plagued South Florida for years, but as the cost of housing continues to rise, workers and families often have to move to more affordable areas even further from their jobs and schools. This has resulted in dauntingly long commutes due to overcrowded roadways and an underutilized public transportation system. It is the responsibility of elected officials at all levels of government to address the needs of transportation projects, and by working together, I believe we can accomplish the goal of making our roadways safer and reducing traffic and congestion.


In Congress, I have been committed to providing local officials with the flexibility and funding they need to address the long-term transportation projects of our community. I was a firm supporter of the surface transportation bill signed into law last year that provides states and localities with the funds they need to advance projects that will most benefit them. The law includes several South Florida priorities, such as funding for water infrastructure projects, advancing creative bridge solutions at Florida International University, and larger sidewalks to protect pedestrians.


It is imperative the federal government work with state and local municipalities in areas like South Florida to promote economically efficient public transportation options that save citizens time and make their commutes easier and less reliant on their own cars. This will not only reduce congestion, but also benefit the environment.


Marine Transportation and our Nation


An efficient marine transportation system is crucial to both our local and national economies. Without properly dredged channels and harbors and the funding necessary for further expansion of our port facilities for handling imports and U.S. goods exported to foreign markets, the U.S. and South Florida will be left behind.  Our inland tug and barge operation transportation systems, as well as our cruise line operations, must have the resources available to maintain global competitiveness. This will result in the higher effectiveness in moving goods and passengers on open waterways and allowing cruise lines and deep draft vessels to enter and depart U.S. port facilities. South Florida and our nation must remain competitive globally, and advocating for our marine industries is one of my top priorities.


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