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Trade is an essential part of our local and national economy. Right here in South Florida, retailers, fishermen, manufacturers, and growers across our community all depend on trade to grow their small businesses and support thousands of South Florida families.


While I believe the United States has the right and responsibility to hold bad actors like China accountable for damaging U.S. businesses with unfair trade practices, we must better work to protect small businesses and the families that depend on them from the harmful effects of retaliatory tariffs.


We should be working with our allies — like Canada, the European Union, and Mexico — to implement a more targeted approach that will address both China’s unfair trade practices and help restrain retaliation, providing our fishermen, farmers, and workers with a level of certainty and helping our communities gain greater economic prosperity.


As a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means, which oversees trade policy, I have made the needs of local businesses and workers who rely on healthy trade relationships a priority. I’ve fought to limit the impacts of retaliatory tariffs on Keys fishermen, and I worked tirelessly to fight for protections for our South Dade growers in the North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiations. When the Administration failed to fulfil the needs of our community, I’ve stepped up to encourage Congress to do so in their stead. I’ll never stop fighting for free and fair trade that protects American interests at home and abroad. 

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