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My parents are among the hundreds of thousands of Cuban exiles who have made South Florida – and other communities like it across the United States – home.


Regarding Cuba, the previous Administration overwhelmingly ignored the realities and ruthless, violent nature of the Castro regime. Unfortunately, their policies put American national security interests at risk and have contributed to prolonging the suffering of the Cuban people living under the oppressive dictatorship.


While the Castros may no longer be in official positions, Raul Castro is still tugging at the strings of his puppet placeholders. It is essential to remember this regime and its values are the same ones who had nuclear missiles pointed at the United States during the Cold War. The previous Administration afforded the Cuban dictatorship a myriad of unilateral concessions while seeing no democratic reforms in return.  Instead, Cuban thugs continued to gain power, financing, and international legitimacy. Meanwhile, the regime has supported and strengthened the strongholds of similar dictatorships in Venezuela and Nicaragua and continued to engage with Russia and Iran.


It is in America’s national security interests to be a protector of human rights and the promoter of democracy around the world. That’s why I was proud to support the current Administration’s continued efforts to hold the Cuban regime accountable and will continue calling for a free and democratic Cuba.


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