Curbelo Air Traffic Controller Legislation included in FAA Extension

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Washington, July 7, 2016 | comments

Washington, D.C.
—Today, the House and Senate agreed to a bipartisan, bicameral measure to reauthorize Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) programs through September 30, 2017. Rep. Curbelo’s critical legislation to reform the hiring of Air Traffic Controllers was included in this measure, and he offered the following statement in support of its adoption.

“This FAA reauthorization package works to ensure that our aviation system remains well-equipped, secure, and safe for passengers and pilots alike. It provides vital enhancements to the U.S. aviation system by strengthening security, expanding TSA PreCheck, and requiring the FAA to give Congress quarterly reports on the number of civil or criminal disturbances that occur at airports. The bill also requires the FAA to create new processes to identify and reduce unauthorized operations of unmanned aircraft vehicles around airports, increasing the safety of planes as they take off and land.

I am proud to say that this measure also includes my bill, H.R. 5292, the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) Hiring Improvement Act. This legislation, which has the bipartisan support of over 235 House Members, would improve our ATC system by requiring the FAA to guarantee that College Training Initiative (CTI) graduates, veterans, and students at minority-serving institutions, are given priority when new Controllers are hired. The inclusion of H.R. 5292 in this FAA reauthorization measure will address the critical shortfall the FAA has experienced in hiring new Controllers, which has reached a 27-year low.

I thank Chairman Shuster for his continued leadership in addressing our Air Traffic Controller needs, and look forward to supporting this package when it is considered on the House Floor,”  said Rep. Curbelo.

“I commend Congressman Curbelo for his leadership on this issue, which is critical given the FAA’s inability to adequately manage its controller workforce.  The Curbelo proposal will improve and streamline the FAA’s process for hiring air traffic controllers, and provide the agency with a larger pool of high quality candidates,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA).

H.Res.___  was introduced on July 7 and will be considered on the House Floor in the next several days. For more information on Rep. Curbelo’s H.R. 5292, please click here.


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