Curbelo Condemns Administration’s Decision to Share Intelligence with Cuba

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Washington, October 21, 2016 | comments

Miami, Florida—It was recently announced that President Obama plans to share intelligence information with Cuba. Rep Carlos Curbelo (FL-26), who vehemently opposes this concession to Cuba, released the following statement:

"The Cuban dictatorship’s policy for the past 50-plus years has been to undermine American interests in Latin America and our home-front. This policy has not changed, despite President Obama’s outreach. As we speak, Cuba is collaborating to re-open a Russian spy-base, strengthening its political and economic ties to Iran (the world’s largest state-sponsor of terrorism), and assisting the Maduro regime’s undemocratic suppression of civic dissent. It baffles logic that the President of the United States would even entertain the idea of entering into an intelligence-sharing agreement with any country that continues to aggressively undermine our National Security."


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