What They Are Saying: Curbelo’s RAC Act Is A “GOP Bright Spot on Immigration”

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Washington, March 22, 2017 | Joanna Rodriguez (202-225-2778) | comments

RAC Act Co-Sponsor Representative Dan Donovan (NY-11):


              “Our immigration system is terribly broken and needs comprehensive repair. This bill is a good first step to helping hardworking young men and women – who were brought to the U.S. as children and raised here by no choice of their own – obtain legal status. These individuals have contributed to our nation, the only place they've called home, by pursuing military service, higher education, and contributing to our economy, and I am proud to support this legislation which will make our nation stronger.”


Archdiocese of Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski:


              “Kudos to Miami Congressman Carlos Curbelo who has introduced legislation that would provide a path to US residency and citizenship for the “Dreamers” – those who arrived to the U.S. without lawful status as children. President Obama gave them a temporary reprieve with DACA and President Trump has promised to do right by them. This could be the first piece of legislation that could win wide support from both sides of the aisle this year.”


American Civil Liberties Union Florida’s Melba Pearson:


              “I want to congratulate and thank the Representative for taking this stand because we do need to protect our children, and there are so many children here who are stuck here because this was not their choice… I applaud his efforts on that.”


Hispanic Leadership Fund’s Mario Lopez: “The Hispanic Leadership Fund applauds Rep. Curbelo and his colleagues in the US House of Representatives for filing the Recognizing America’s Children (RAC) Act.”

  • Lopez: “This is the start to a long awaited and much needed fix to our country’s broken immigration system.”
  • Lopez: “For too long, these young adults who are known as Dreamers, have been calling the United States home and have been making a positive impact to our economy by attending our schools and joining the workforce while maintaining a clean criminal record.”
  • Lopez: “Rep. Curbelo’s legislation is a common sense approach that gives Dreamers the opportunity to continue to contribute to and strengthen our economy and society. We applaud Rep. Curbelo and all supporters of the Recognizing America’s Children Act.” 

National Immigration Forum’s Ali Noorani: “The leadership this group of House Republicans is demonstrating indicates a commitment to support immigrant youth and their continued contributions to America.”

  • Noorani: “We thank these legislators for trying to find a permanent legislative solution to address the precarious situations of some young immigrants in our country.”
  • Noorani:We hope Congress and the administration will work together to address the immigration system broadly in a way that benefits all Americans.”

LIBRE Initiative’s Daniel Garza:


“A number of bills have now been introduced by conservatives in Congress to address this challenge, showing the strong bipartisan support for action. We are grateful to policymakers who have stepped up to lead.”

Niskanen Center: “Five GOP Bright Spots on Immigration… #2 Recognizing America’s Children Act”

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