Curbelo Talks Tax Relief for South Florida Families with NBC 6 and Local 10

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Washington, December 11, 2017 | Joanna Rodriguez (202-225-2778) | comments

As Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate head to a conference committee this week to negotiate the final tax reform legislation, Representative Carlos Curbelo (FL-26), South Florida’s only Member of Congress on the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, joined NBC 6’s “Impact with Jackie Nespral” and Local 10’s “This Week in South Florida” to discuss tax reform and other issues in national and local headlines.

Partial transcripts of both interviews are available below. The full interview with NBC 6’s “Impact with Jackie Nespral” can be watched here, and the full interview with Local 10’s “This Week in South Florida” can be watched here.


Curbelo Joins NBC 6 Impact to Discuss Tax Reform, the Need for a DACA Fix, etc.
NBC 6’s “Impact with Jackie Nespral”
Miami, Florida
December 10, 2017

Representative Carlos Curbelo: “This is a big week because those negotiations start. The bills are similar, but there are some key differences, so I do think that this is going to get done within the next two weeks, and every American should be able to kick off 2018 with a higher pay check, so that should be good news.”

“We’ve done things – especially in the House bill – that are only for low- and middle-income earners. For example, we double the standard deduction. It used to be $12,000 – or it is under existing law – we make it $24,000 for a married couple. So we protect those early dollars. In our bill we have a $300 per parent tax credit. We have a new $300 tax credit for people taking care of, for example, an elderly parent at home. We expand the child tax credit from $1000 to $1600, making that first $1000 refundable. These are all provisions that help middle-income Americans, so the accusations that are out there – most of them coming from the far left quite frankly, are wrong.”


Curbelo Joins Local 10's This Week in South Florida to Discuss Tax Reform, DACA, and More
Local 10’s “This Week in South Florida”
Miami, Florida
December 10, 2017  

Representative Carlos Curbelo: “The House bill does have a lot more permanent relief for middle-income and even lower-income families long-term, permanently. The Senate has different budget rules so they had to put these gimmicks in the bill, quite frankly.

“We in conference are insisting on the House position to make the relief for middle-income families permanent. We do that with our child tax credit expansion… Our’s is $1600, but its permanent. The Senate’s is $2000. By the way, Senator Rubio has been adamant about this and I think he is going to win. I think $2000 is going to be in the final bill. It’s not going to be fully refundable, the way he would like, but it will be in the final bill.

“I will say this about the provisions on the individual side of the code – the relief for middle-income families and for all American families – the Bush Tax Cuts were supposed to be temporary, and all of those provisions for non-wealthy Americans were made permanent by President Obama, a Republican House and a Democratic Senate. So although they are technically temporary, the tradition and the history has been that those provisions that broadly help Americans usually end up being permanent, even if they are technically temporary in the initial bill.”

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