FLASHBACK FRIDAY: NRDC Opposes Curbelo Plan, Despite Fact It Would Exceed Emission Goals of Plans They Previously Praised

Natural Resources Defense Council’s Partisan Bias Undermines Efforts to Fight Climate Change

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Washington, D.C., July 27, 2018 | Joanna Rodriguez (202-225-2778) | comments

Following introduction of H.R. 6463, the Market Choice Act, Representative Carlos Curbelo  (FL-26) received praise from environmental and energy groups across the political spectrum as well as leaders from 34 diverse companies representing a wide cross section of the U.S. economy. Still, some groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council continue to oppose new ideas to fight climate change, only to continue serving their own selfish political agenda. See for yourself:


2015 NRDC Statement on Clean Power Plan: “It’s a simple idea that will change the world: Cut carbon pollution today so our kids won’t inherit climate chaos tomorrow. That’s what this historic plan will achieve.” (“The Clean Power Plan: An Idea that will Change the World,” Natural Resources Defense Council, 8/3/2015)


  • The Clean Power Plan reduces Energy Sector emissions by 32% by 2030.
  • Curbelo’s Market Choice Act would reduce carbon emissions 54-69% by 2030.


2017 NRDC Statement on Paris Agreement: “It protects us from the ravages of climate change that can only be minimized with global action. It creates ways to ensure that other countries are delivering on their own commitments. It is good for American workers and companies as it creates business opportunities and reduces financial risks from climate change damages. It helps the most vulnerable people and reduces security threats from unfettered climate impacts.” (“Why the Paris Agreement Is Good for the United States,” Natural Resources Defense Council, 1/31/2017)


  • The Paris Agreement reduces emissions 26–28% by 2025.
  • Curbelo’s Market Choice Act would reduce carbon emissions 27-32% by 2025


2018 NRDC Statement on Curbelo’s Market Choice Act: “It falls far short of what’s needed to protect our climate.

“It won’t cut heat-trapping pollution fast enough.”(“Breakthrough Republican Climate Plan Still Falls Short,” Natural Resources Defense Council, 7/23/2018)


The MARKET CHOICE Act, would:

  • Set the United States on a path to reduce carbon emissions and not only fulfill, but exceed the commitments set out under the Paris agreement;
  • Raise much-needed revenue to modernize our national infrastructure – a bipartisan priority that remains elusive without a new influx of revenue – by providing an additional $285 billion for the Highway Trust Fund and $18 billion for the Airport and Airways Trust Fund;
  • Assist communities with enhancement of natural barriers, modernization and maintenance of current infrastructure, such as levees, elevated roads, and floodwalls to protect our waterfront communities from rising seas and tropical storms;
  • Eliminates regressive, inefficient and discriminatory taxes like the gasoline tax and the aviation fuel tax to promote an equitable funding stream for our country's critical infrastructure needs;
  • Create long-term regulatory certainty by establishing a moratorium on the EPA from finalizing and enforcing Clean Air Act regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources, allowing utilities and businesses to make long-term investments to improve service to consumers;
  • Ensure American producers are not at a competitive disadvantage abroad or against foreign imports by adding a border adjustment on goods from nations without an emissions fee, and a credit to American exporters;
  • Protect lower-income Americans from higher utility bills and assist any displaced energy-sector workers.
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