Curbelo, Coffman Introduce the Recognizing American Children Act

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Washington, June 21, 2016 | comments

Washington, D.C.—Reps. Carlos Curbelo (FL-26) and Mike Coffman (CO-06) introduced H.R. 5533, the Recognizing American Children Act.

The Recognizing American Children Act would allow undocumented immigrants that arrived in this country prior to 2010 as minors to adjust their immigration status. 

If the immigrant has stayed out of trouble with the law, has not relied on public assistance, and has graduated high school, they will be granted conditional status for five years. During this five year period, they can complete one of three pathways for adjustment:  receiving a degree from a vocational school or institution of higher education; serving honorably in the Armed Services; or being gainfully employed, contributing to our economy.

If an immigrant meets the criteria set for each pathway, they could then apply to adjust to legal permanent resident (LPR) status.  Military enlistees would be immediately eligible for naturalization.

"There are many young immigrants in our country who came involuntarily with their families as minors. They have grown up with our own kids and attended American schools - many speaking only English. Today they are trying to make a contribution to our great nation through the economy or the military. These are undoubtedly America’s children. This legislation recognizes them as such by giving them the opportunity to adjust their status. In a season when some are accentuating our differences for personal political gain, our country should come together to support these hard working young people who have earned their place in America,” said Curbelo.

"'Hay muchos jóvenes inmigrantes que llegaron a nuestro país como niños traídos por sus familias. Se han criado aquí con nuestros propios hijos y han asistido a las mismas escuelas. Algunos solo hablan inglés. Hoy ellos intentan contribuir a nuestro país a través de la economía o las fuerzas armadas. Sin duda, ellos son hijos e hijas de esta gran nación, Estados Unidos de América. Esta legislación les da este reconocimiento, ofreciéndoles la oportunidad de ajustar su estatus legal. En una temporada en la cual algunos prefieren acentuar nuestras diferencias para anotarse puntos políticos, nuestro país se debe unir en apoyo a estos jóvenes trabajadores quienes se han ganado su puesto en EEUU”, declaró Curbelo.   

“They were brought here as children, grew up here, went to school here, and often don’t know of any other country as home except this one,” Coffman said. “If they can demonstrate their commitment to keeping a job or getting an education, they ought to be able to earn a path to becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident and those who serve honorably in the military deserve a direct path to citizenship.”

To read more about H.R. 5533, click here.

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